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What We Do

At Xanadu Botanicals & Design, we specialize in crafting welcoming indoor environments. Whether it’s for your office, lobby, or business location, we’ll showcase the newest trends in interior plant design. We’ll guide you through the visualization and planning process, followed by professional installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure its stunning appearance endures.

If you require a touch of GREEN in your indoor space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

4 Benefits of BIOPHILIA in the Workplace

  1. Having plants in the workplace fulfills a strong human instinct for NATURE. This translates to more employee PRODUCTIVITY, HEALTH, FEWER SICK DAYS, and more smiles
  2. Worried about “sick building syndrome?” PLANTS CLEAN THE AIR. Verified by scientists. Period.
  3. Green walls naturally cool the building in the summer and humidifies in the winter.
  4. Plants and Flowers inspire CREATIVITY.

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